Kangen Water®

Change Your Water, Change Your Life
Kangen Water® is the delicious, yet healthy water created from Enagic’s progressive water technology. Not only do these amazing Japanese approved medical devices filter harmful chemicals out of the tap water, but also through the process of ionization, produce Kangen (alkaline) and acidic type waters. These waters can be used for various purposes which include drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning.

Kangen® Alkalizes Your Body!
Many experts now tell us that most disease is the result of being over-acidic. Your body constantly works to keep a slightly alkaline pH. When your body falls out of balance and becomes too acidic, it searches for ways to neutralize acid. One way is by tapping into alkaline reserves in your bones. Our normal everyday lifestyle of consuming acidic foods and drinks, stressful living, and exposure to toxins and chemical pollution in our environment, makes drinking alkalized and ionized water even more crucial in helping the body return to a state of balance… so our bodies can restore and maintain good health.

Kangen® Neutralizes Free Radicals!
The wonder of ionized Kangen Water® is its ability to neutralize free radicals. Water treated by the Enagic Japanese approved medical device contains active hydrogen, which supplies and excess of electrons that are used to scavenge free radicals and help to reverse the oxidative damage process in the body. These extra electrons impart strong anti-oxidant properties to the drinking water, helping to eliminate free radicals, which cause harm to your body.

Kangen® Hydrates Your Body!
The electrolysis and ionization process in the Enagic machine breaks down the molecular bonding of water molecules and restructures the water clusters from the usual groups of 12 to 18 down to 5 or 6 molecules per cluster, which makes the molecules actually smaller. This also makes the water you drink “wetter” and much more easily absorbed into the cells, thereby providing superior hydration for the body.

Kangen® Protects the Environment!
The power of Kangen Water® preserves your body and the environment. Approximately 40 Million plastic water bottles per day go into landfills or become litter. Making your own water at home not only is great for your health, but also can help in reducing the decline in our environment.

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